Sula by Toni Morrison

I don’t want to make somebody else. I want to make myself.

I have been meaning to read books by Toni Morrison for quite a while now and finally, I got the chance to read Sula as a part of Toni Morrison Book Club.

The story follows the lives of two young black women Sula and Nel, surrounded by racism, judgments and discrimination, and how their close and unconditional friendship changes over time. They are two different personalities but understand each other without saying words. Nel, chooses to get married and settle in her home town and have kids while Sula, who is a free-spirited soul, cannot be bound to anyone or anything.

Hell ain’t things lasting forever. Hell is change.

Toni Morrison’s writing is effortless, poetic and extraordinary and it instantly makes you feel for the characters. She has portrayed strong, opinionated, independent and some unlikeable characters. Even if the central characters were Sula and Nel, you’ll find yourself despising and gasping over others. It’s no news that when a woman decides to live her life on her own terms, she is often judged and cursed and this is what the author has focussed upon. Sula is an unlikeable character and has done some unforgivable things but you can’t help but feel sympathetic towards her.

It’s hard to put your feelings into words when you are distracted by the beautiful writing and descriptions. I really like how the author ended the book, she circled through it giving it a closure and also giving us one last look into the friendship of Nel and Sula and the life at the bottom.

Rating – 4 out of 5 stars

My Verdict – Absolutely recommended

The presence of evil was something to be first recognized, then dealt with, survived, outwitted, triumphed over.

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