No Regrets by Kaveree Bamzai

Today’s priorities should be reflective of tomorrow’s regrets that you don’t want.

Germany Kent

No Regrets: The Guilt-Free Women’s guide to a Good Life by Kaveree Bamzai is truly a life-saving book for women who have been caught up with the fast-moving life so much that they have forgotten to live for themselves, to take a break, to love themselves, to think of themselves before anyone else.

This book has some great inspiring stories and great advice from women like Sudha Murthy, Sania Mirza, Smriti Irani and a lot more who have struggled through their life but still managed to balance their personal and professional life and made a big name in every kind of industry be it management or entertainment or politics or IT or sports.

One thing the author presses upon is not to stop working and I totally agree. Working is something that is going to make you independent, confident and self-sufficient and it could be pretty intimidating and frustrating at times to balance home and work but hang onto it and don’t give up your career.

We have all seen our mother and grandmother sacrificing for the need of their family, and it always disheartening to see that they don’t care about themselves, they put their husbands’ and children needs in front of them. It has been deep-rooted in women to keep themselves at the lowest in their priority list, I have seen it and experienced it myself. Somehow, we develop this sense of guilt if we put ourselves first. I mean, this is wrong, completely wrong. We should never ever feel that and we should not feel defined by the people around us.

For years, women are subjected to be defined by their family, first by their father and then the husband and then their kids as if they don’t have a significant role, as if they cannot exist independently. This has got to change and we are the only one who can do it. So, work, get all the help you can get and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

Rating – 4 out of 5 stars

My Verdict – I would definitely recommend it.

Live your life on purpose with no apologies or regrets.

– Angela Cecilia

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