The Shining by Stephen King

Tough old world, baby. If you’re not bolted together tightly, you’re gonna shake, rattle, and roll before you turn thirty.

The Shining has been sitting on my shelf for 2 years now (as far as I remember) and I have always wanted to read it because it’s Stephen King’s novel but couldn’t. Finally, I picked it up and it was my first book in the Horror genre too and it was worth my time.

The Shining by Stephen King is a psychological horror where Jack Torrance, an alcoholic-violent person, is trying to keep himself sane, his wife Wendy is trying to keep their family together and his Kid Danny is a gifted child. Jack takes up a new job as a caretaker of an old hotel named The Overlook which shuts down during winters and is located in an almost deserted place.

The internal monologue of each character was heaving but Jack’s monologue out of all was horrifying to witness. I could feel the self-loathing, the hatred, the anger, and the overflowing emotions. For me, the best was reading these.

The scariest parts of the book were driven more by destruction through alcoholism and less by supernatural aspects, which was terrifying and much more relatable. There were scenes which made my heart paced so fast and I could see the horror on the faces of the characters.

The story offers rollercoaster of emotions and it was much more impactful because of the great character building. Though sometimes I was zoning out and it was hard keeping track while reading because of the lengthy descriptions about some past event or something else.

It is the kind of book that might not make you jump but will definitely creep you out and you will be in a state of constant terror to know what’s going to happen next.

Rating – 4 out of 5 stars

My Verdict – I would recommend it to horror lovers.

Trigger Warnings – Violence, Abuse

You can buy it here on Amazon.

Monsters are real. Ghosts are too. They live inside of us, and sometimes, they win.

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  1. Fab review. I love how Stephen King is able to play with psychological and supernatural horror, the horrors of the imagination and the horrors by the hands and hearts of humans with the question of who are the worst monsters. Gosh I need to reread some King!!

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