The Blogger Recognition Award

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.

– Chris Grosser

I am so honored and thrilled to have been nominated by Chloe Osborn for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you so much for nominating me. It’s great watching bloggers supporting and motivating other bloggers.

Blogger Recognition Award Rules –

  1. Thank the blogger for nominating you and give the link to their blog
  2. Write a blog post on your website showing the award.
  3. Describe the story of why you started your blog.
  4. Write two pieces of advice you have for new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 15 more bloggers.
  6. Notify each of your nominees that you have nominated them.

Why I started Blogging – 

At the back of my mind, I always had this notion of starting a blog where I could talk something that I am passionate about. I first started sharing my views about books on Instagram and then it hit me, why not start a blog as well. So, just like that, I started my own little blog where I share my love for books.

Advice for new Bloggers – 

  1. Don’t be afraid to pour out your heart. Write what you love, and don’t get intimidated by seeing other bloggers doing so well because they also struggled and have put a lot of effort to reach where they are.
  2. Share your blog post on social media, don’t hesitate to promote it. Try to connect and interact with other bloggers. It’s fun, you make friends, it widens your perspective on so many topics and of course, you get loads of book recommendations and exposed to a variety of genre.

My Nominations –

Check out these pretty awesome blogs I have nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award.

  1. And On She Reads
  2. Lit Lemon
  3. Whiskers And Ink
  4. The Lexington Bookie
  5. My Poor TBR
  6. Poutine And Prada
  7. Tale of a Bookworm
  8. Sammy’s Shelf
  9. All Things Gee
  10. Mani’s Book Corner
  11. Beffy Parkin
  12. Proud Book Reviews
  13. The Library Looter
  14. Book Steff
  15. Kara

Thank you for reading and if you are an avid reader and love to share your opinion then don’t hesitate to start your own blog.

If the internet is virtual, what harm could a few bloggers typing in an unreal space do?

– Zeynep Tufekci


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